approachAdvantage Capital Partners seeks to develop a balanced and diversified portfolio of investments in well-managed companies whose primary constraint to growth is the inability to access sufficient investment capital. We focus on companies that develop or apply innovative technologies or approaches to products, systems and services.


We invest in a range of industries, including the Communication, Information Technology, Life Science, Business Services, Manufacturing and Energy sectors. Occasionally other opportunities will be considered, assuming they meet our investment return and diversification objectives. Above all, we make investments in companies whose growth prospects indicate the potential to generate superior returns on our invested capital and offer the possibility of significant community impact.


When analyzing potential investments, Advantage Capital looks for six primary characteristics:

  • A highly qualified and entrepreneurial management team
  • A proprietary technology or uniqueness of product or concept
  • An ability to achieve significant growth quickly through market penetration or market expansion
  • An ability to produce an exceptional return on invested capital
  • Prospects for investment liquidity within a determinable period of time
  • Potential for significant community impact