BinOptics Case Study


Founded in 2000, BinOptics Corporation is an ISO-certified manufacturer and supplier of semiconductor lasers. Its current products include a wide range of Fabry-Perot (FP) and Distributed Feedback (DFB) lasers as well as lasers with integrated monitoring photodiodes. These products provide transceiver and other photonic equipment manufacturers with unprecedented price-performance advantages. BinOptics also provides custom-integrated components for optical systems and subsystems. These solutions deliver exceptional value through cost, size and power reductions by replacing several discrete components with a monolithic chip.

In recent years, BinOptics has established a strong global market presence by shipping more than 25 million FB and DFB lasers in high growth markets.


In 2011, Advantage Capital Partners provided $1.2 million in funding for BinOptics. Advantage Capital made its investment in connection with a state economic development program designed to encourage the flow of investment capital to promising companies located within the state. This capital is being used to support BinOptics’ rapid growth in both the telecom space as well as the new laser-based markets.

Based in Ithaca, the manufacturer currently employs 52 full-time workers, with the significant likelihood of additional local job opportunities for highly skilled engineers.


  • $1.2 million investment enables BinOptics to remain globally competitive
  • 52 full-time jobs with the significant likelihood of additional local opportunities for highly skilled engineers
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Alex Behfar“The investment from Advantage Capital has allowed BinOptics to expand our capabilities and continue to create good jobs in upstate New York. This growth capital is critical to our success as a globally competitive, industry leader.” -Alex Behfar, CEO, BinOptics