Environmental Impact

Clean technologies are emerging as a significant economic opportunity, while also promising the mitigation of global climate change and promoting U.S. energy independence. Cleantech subsectors include alternative fuels, energy storage, energy efficiency, water, environment, energy/electricity generation (i.e. solar, wind, hydrogen, geothermal and hydro power) and industry-focused products (agriculture, construction, transportation, materials, consumer products).

Since 2003, Advantage Capital Partners has invested $163.5 million in its 38 cleantech portfolio companies. Between 2010 and July 2014, Advantage Capital’s cleantech portfolio companies prevented 876,700 metric tons (MT) of CO2 emissions, diverted 74,300 tons of material from landfills, eliminated importing and burning of 72.6 million gallons of petroleum products and replaced more than 17,100 tons of coal. Many of these companies are still growing rapidly, with expectations that their impact will be even greater in five years:

  • 4.3 million MT CO2 eliminated
  •  140,000 tons diverted from landfills
  • 303 million gallons of petroleum products replaced
  • 614,000 tons of coal unneeded

Advantage Capital was recently recognized with the “Heroes of the Planet Award” for sustainable investing.


Some clean technology highlights from our portfolio:

GridPoint's mission is to align the interests of electric utilities, consumers and the environment. GridPoint's innovative SmartGrid Platform empowers utilities to achieve business objectives, increase grid reliability, promote environmental stewardship and fuel the adoption of renewable energy sources.


GridPoint, Inc., is a leading cleantech company in our firm’s Washington, D.C.-area portfolio. GridPoint’s innovative smart grid platform aligns the interests of electric utilities, consumers and the environment through an intelligent network of distributed resources that controls load, stores energy and produces power. The platform creates a path for integrating new technologies such as plug-in hybrid vehicles, solar energy and wind power.
Hoku Corporation (NASDAQ: HOKU) is a solar products and services company operating three businesses: Hoku Materials, Hoku Solar, and Tianwei Solar USA.Hoku Corporation (NASDAQ: HOKU) is a solar products and services company operating three businesses: Hoku Materials, Hoku Solar, and Tianwei Solar USA. Hoku Materials manufactures, markets and sells polysilicon for the solar industry from its plant currently under construction in Pocatello, Idaho. Hoku Solar delivers investment-grade solar power for commercial, institutional and utility clients. Tianwei Solar USA markets and sells photovoltaic modules.


microGreen(TM) oil filter, manufactured by SOMS Technologies, Inc., is a patented 'green' technology designed to keep oil cleaner for a longer duration.

SOMS Technologies, Inc. in Valhalla, N.Y., is the manufacturer of the microGreen(TM) oil filter, a patented “green” technology designed to keep oil cleaner while reducing the frequency of filter replacement. The microGreen oil filter design utilizes two filters while maintaining the standard spin-on canister form. By continuously filtering a small portion of the engine oil through the secondary microfilter system, the microGreen filtration system allows a vehicle to operate up to 30,000 miles without changing the engine oil. Use of the microGreen filter will result in a 70% reduction in oil use and a 50% reduction in filter use when compared to a typical oil filter, benefiting both the consumer and the environment.

Virent Energy Systems, Inc., headquartered in Madison, Wis., is dedicated to enabling the hydrogen economy by dramatically increasing energy densities and eliminating hydrogen storage issues through widespread use of its Aqueous Phase Reforming (APR) process.
Virent, Inc., in Madison, Wisconsin is leading an historic shift: replacing crude oil by creating the chemicals and fuels the world demands using a wide range of naturally-occurring, renewable resources. The company’s process pioneers the commercial production of biofuels and bioproducts which are both sustainable and economical.

Additional clean technology, energy-related and green investments in Advantage Capital’s portfolio include:
Adirondack    Environmental Operations, Inc. (EOI) provides specialized environmental services to clients throughout the St. Louis region.  enivrelation Keahole Solar Power

  S&N Airoflo  SensorTran  Soft Switching Technologies develops, manufactures and markets patented and proprietary solutions that enhance the quality and reliability of electric power used in critical manufacturing and information technology applications.  Sustainable Real Estate Solutions Waste Remedies provides consulting, management and brokerage services for waste removal.