Jeremy R. Degenhart

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St. Louis

Jeremy DegenhartJeremy R. Degenhart joined Advantage Capital Partners in 2001. As a principal in the St. Louis office, Mr. Degenhart has a wide range of responsibilities including screening deal flow, conducting due diligence, negotiating transactions, managing existing investments, and developing exit opportunities. In addition to portfolio management, Mr. Degenhart is responsible for developing and analyzing new fundraising structures and facilitating their implementation.

Mr. Degenhart serves on the Board of Directors of a number of Advantage Capital portfolio companies, including Veran Medical Technologies; Quick Study Radiology; Waste Remedies; Carbolytic Materials Company; and Sunflower Food & Spice. He also leads Advantage Capital’s investment in Kereos and The Lawrence Group. Previous investments led by Mr. Degenhart include Stereotaxis, which held an initial public offering in 2004 (NASDAQ:STXS); and DataTrade, which sold to Goldleaf Financial in 2007 (NASDAQ:GFSI).To date, Mr. Degenhart has been involved in 22 transactions totaling more than $175 million. These investments have attracted an additional $408 million in follow-on capital.

Prior to joining Advantage Capital, Mr. Degenhart worked as an analyst for Wydown Capital, a boutique investment bank.

Mr. Degenhart was the valedictorian of his undergraduate class at the John M. Olin Business School at Washington University in St. Louis, receiving a bachelor’s degree in finance, economics, and accounting in May 2000.

Mr. Degenhart serves on the Board of Directors of the InvestMidwest Venture Capital Forum. He is a seasoned speaker, and he lectures on venture capital and private equity as an adjunct faculty member at the Olin Business School.