Selected Past Investments

Birmingham, Alabama
ACTEK Inc. has been providing J2EE component commission and incentive compensation software since 1999. ACTEK started by providing software for the health insurance industry and has since expanded to service clients in financial services and general sales markets. By providing timely and cost-effective Internet-based solutions, ACTEK exceeds client expectations in every phase of delivery, from requirements analysis through installation and training. ACTEK achieves an unmatched level of customer satisfaction through the use of advanced technology, rapid application development, project management excellence and objectives-based contracting.

Adirondack Plastics & Recycling, Inc.
Ford Edward, New York
Adirondack Plastics and Recycling, Inc. (APR), provides recycling services to their customers by hauling away scrap product. Then they sort, shred, and grind this product and sell it to manufacturers as raw material for other projects. Their largest suppliers / vendors are medical manufacturers in their area and their largest customers are Chinese industrialists who purchase the materials as inputs for their manufacturing facilities, primarily in China.

Boulder, Colorado
Anark Corporation, located in Boulder, Colorado, is a multimedia software company that has developed a new software authoring and delivery platform that allows customers to easily bring together real-time 3D graphics, 2D graphics, video, audio and text into a single and compact interactive presentation.

AquaGene, Inc.
Alachua, Florida
AquaGene has developed proprietary technologies to manufacture biologically active, therapeutic proteins in genetically engineered, or transgenic, fish. A transgenic organism is created by introducing a foreign gene into the organism’s genome using a variety of recombinant DNA techniques. The new gene, which provides instructions to make a specific protein, will be passed on to the organism’s offspring. The company’s strategy is to manufacture and market, in partnership with suitable pharmaceutical companies, proteins with significant commercial potential for either human or veterinary medical applications. The company’s first product is human Factor VII, a blood-clotting protein used to treat hemophilia.

ARC Solutions
Washington, DC
ARC Solutions is an association management software company. Its purely web-based Membership Application Platform (MAP), ARC Polaris, is comprised of modules designed to address the business needs of every member-focused organization. Using state-of-the-art Microsoft .NET technology and XML/Web Services, ARC Solutions provides leading-edge online technology to membership associations.

Melbourne, Florida
AuthenTec is a specialty semiconductor company that developed a line of sensors for fingerprint identification for the personal computer, mobile device, and access control markets. In 2012, five years after their successful initial public offering (IPO), AuthenTec was purchased by Apple who deployed their industry leading fingerprint technology with their record breaking release of the iPhone 5s in 2013.

BIOTA Brands of America Inc.
Telluride, Colorado
BIOTA Brands of America Inc. was formed to bring pristine Colorado Rocky Mountain spring water to market while respecting the enviornment. Packaged in a biodegradable bottle, BIOTA water originates near Ouray, Colo., from one of the world’s highest protected alpine springs.

Birch Telecom, Inc
Kansas City, Missouri
Birch Telecom provides integrated communication services to small and medium-sized business and residential customers in Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas. Its wide range of services includes local dial tone and long-distance telephone service, telephone systems and equipment, Internet and high bandwidth data service, web hosting, and integrated voice and voice transmission.

Boulder Nature Labs
Longmont, Colorado
Boulder Nature Labs, Inc. sells scientifically formulated health solutions based on herbs, supplements and other natural ingredients. Boulder Nature Labs, Inc. sells exclusively over the web under the Boulder Nature Labs brand name and can be found at the company’s web site.

Broadpoint, Inc.
New Orleans, Louisiana
PetroCom, Sola Communications and Coastel Communications have consolidated to form one telecommunications powerhouse – Broadpoint. Broadpoint is a comprehensive telecommunications company devoted to meeting the specific needs of the oil and gas industry. The company offers a complete range of cellular and satellite communications solutions and operates the world’s largest offshore cellular network covering 100,000 square miles in the Gulf of Mexico.

Chapman INstruments, Inc.
Rochester, New York
Chapman Instruments, Inc. develops, manufactures, and markets test equipment for measuring the surface roughness of magnetic disks used in computers as well as silicon wafers used in computer chips.

Champion Broadcasting Corporation
Alexandria, Louisiana
Champion Broadcasting Corporation (“Champion”) was a radio station broadcasting company with an emphasis on acquiring and building AM/FM duopolies. The company’s strategy was to acquire multiple stations in regional rural markets that complemented each other. Once the stations’ management teams were consolidated, Champion reduced general and administrative costs on the operation of the stations. Customers gained the advantage of having a single operator that was able to provide advertising on multiple stations at a savings to the customer. Advantage Capital exited this investment in 1998 when Champion sold all of its assets to Capstar Acquisition Company, Inc.

Mandeville, Louisiana
CheckPoint designs, manufactures and markets chemical injection pumps and pump packages, control panels and pressure test systems used for onshore oil and gas production. CheckPoint customers include Shell, Chevron, BP and Exxon.

Comet Systems, Inc.
New York, New York
Comet Systems, Inc. provides utility services to users who download its Genesis platform. The company provides its Genesis platform free to people who want access to its search engine, Pop-Up Ad Zapper, and other utilities. The system allows for contextual marketing from advertisers who work in conjunction with Comet. The company raised and spent over $25 million developing the system and has had over 180,000,000 around the world download their software. In 2004, the company was sold to

Houston, Texas
Commerciant, LP is the leader in wireless, handheld payment processing technology. The company’s Mobilescape solution enables its customers in industries such as airlines, delivery services, residential services and restaurants to accept payments everywhere, delivering increased revenues and operational efficiencies while reducing risk. Mobilescape provides Commerciant’s customers with a complete wireless payment processing solution.

Computerized Processes Unlimited, LLC
Metairie, Louisiana
CPU is a diversified systems integration and software company that serves the needs of process industry companies. CPU’s Process Information Management System (“PIMS”) division is currently providing data monitoring and control systems to a number of major pipeline, offshore oil production and process manufacturing operations. Advantage Capital exited this investment when the Company sold its Plant Automation and Integration (“PAI”) division, which developed enhanced messaging middleware systems to facilitate connectivity between a manufacturing plant’s existing software applications and the plant’s ERP systems, to Aspen Technologies, Inc.

Connexn Technologies, Inc.
Westminster, Colorado
Connexn Technologies, Inc. is a software company that provides revenue recovery/assurance, data and switch migration, and provisioning process automation solutions for telecommunication providers.
Co-investors include: Advent International, Wolf Ventures, Sequel Venture Partners, and A.G. Edwards. In 2004 the company was sold to Azure Solutions Ltd. Subsequently, in 2005, Azure was sold to Subsex Systems, a publicly traded global telecom software product company.

Data Trade, LLC
Springfield, Missouri
DataTrade develops, markets and supports digital report storage and management systems, formally known as COLD (Computer Output to Laser Disk) or ERM (Enterprise Report Management).

Emageon, Inc.
Birmingham, Alabama
Emageon provides an electronic image archiving and image manipulation software solution to hospitals. This allows a hospital to digitally archive medical images that have been archived traditionally via paper film in offsite warehouses. The Company’s software also allows any medical practitioner to view these images remotely or to manipulate the images for diagnostic purposes.
Co-investors include CB Ventures, Ascension Ventures, Kaiser Foundation Hospitals, Jemison Investment Co., Harbert Venture Capital, Redmont Ventures, Richgood Coporation, Miller Investments, and Delta Capital.

Emerging Med
New York, New York
EmergingMed’s mission is to leverage the power of the Internet to increase treatment options for people with serious illnesses and to speed up drug development through increased enrollment in clinical trials. has created an unparalleled matching technology that allows people with serious illnesses, their caregivers and physicians to compare a short personal profile to the enrollment criteria of thousands of clinical trials. EmergingMed has partnered with numerous organizations, including the American Cancer Society and the Lance Armstrong Foundation, to offer its services through private-label collaborations.

EncryptX Corp.
Longmont, Colorado
EncryptX Corp. develops, markets, sells and supports comprehensive security software solutions that automate both persistent protection of sensitive data in motion and at rest, and policy-based email regulatory compliance. EncryptX solutions provide next-generation enforcement technology to mitigate risk of regulatory violations, reduce the cost of legal discovery, and increase management’s control over corporate digital assets.

Enterprise Corporation of the Delta
Jackson, Mississippi
ECD is a private, nonprofit community development financial institution (CDFI) that provides commercial financing, mortgage loans and technical assistance to support businesses, entrepreneurs, home buyers and community development projects. ECD’s mission is to strengthen communities, build assets and improve lives of people in economically distressed areas of Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Memphis, Tennessee.

Federation Software, Inc.
Denver, Colorado
Federation Software, Inc., provides a Global Content Repository (GCR) for engineering product data content. The GCR is a software solution, which creates a network of cooperating servers that maintain product content repositories distributed across manufacturing organizations and their suppliers. The GCR represents a new and important category within the fast growing Collaborative Product Commerce (CPC) market.

First American Vacuum Services
Beeville, Texas
First American Vacuum Services LP provides fluid handling services to oil and gas wells primarily in Bee County. The company was formed in 2004 and uses a fleet of tractor-trailers to serve its customers as well as parts of Goliad and Live Oak counties.

Flow Logic International
Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Flow Logic develops and distributes innovative plant design software for process operations, such as oil and gas, chemicals, food and beverages, pharmaceuticals, power generation, and pulp and paper. The company’s family of products is called ACPlant Designer.

Fortress Technologies
Oldsmar, Florida
Fortress provides leading hardware and software products to ensure secure communications. The Company’s core technology, Secure Packet Shield, is a patented system of network-layer data encryption, data compression, user authentication, and data integrity assurance. Fortress products are designed for use in Virtual Private Network and cable modem architecture. Co-investors are Sutro Venture Partners and

Gala Biotech, Inc.
Middleton, Wisconsin
Gala Biotech, Inc. has developed enabling technology for the production of pharmaceutical proteins. The company’s Transgametic technology introduces reengineered retrovectors to cattle to create transgenic embryos that ultimately result in cows that express the desired protein in their milk.
After receiving start-up financing from venture capital firms including Advantage Capital Partners and operating for nearly three years, the Company entered into a strategic relationship with Cardinal Health, Inc. (NYSE: CAH), the leading provider of products and services supporting the health care industry, to fully leverage Gala’s proprietary gene insertion technology. Upon the formation of the relationship, Cardinal Health invested $12 million in the company to expand Galas operations and accelerate its business development efforts. Subsequent to its initial investment after Gala met certain milestones Cardinal agreed to acquire the remaining portion of the company that it did not own as part of its ongoing strategy to grow and enhance its range of innovative drug development services.

HRI Properties
New Orleans, Louisiana
HRI Properties specializes in the revitalization of historic buildings through the development of multi-use real estate projects. The company is a fully integrated real estate company with expertise in urban planning, design, construction, marketing, finance, brokerage, property asset management and parking operations.

Hoku Scientific
Honolulu, Hawaii
Hoku Scientific (NASDAQ: HOKU) is a developer of fuel cell membrane technology. The company’s primary focus is a new membrane for use in Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) fuel cells. The Hoku Membrane offers the potential for substantially better performance than today’s leading technologies, while reducing product costs by as much as 90%. The company is also working on an alternative membrane design for use in direct methanol fuel cells, as well as a new design for a low operating temperature fuel cell.

Hornbeck Offshore Services, Inc.
Mandeville, Louisiana
Hornbeck Offshore Services, Inc. is a leading provider of marine transportation services through the operation of newly constructed deepwater offshore supply vessels in the Gulf of Mexico and ocean-going tugs and tank barges in the northeastern U.S. and in Puerto Rico.
The company went public on the New York Stock Exchange in March 2004 (NYSE: HOS).

HospiScript Services LLC
Montgomery, Alabama
HospiScript Services is a leading pharmaceutical services company working exclusively with hospices and dedicated to improving patient care and reducing pharmacy costs. HospiScript empowers hospices with the ability to reduce their drug costs and gain administrative efficiencies by providing access to a nationwide network of pharmacies and integrating powerful tools and resources.

Image-Guided Neurologics
Melbourne, Florida
Image-Guided Neurologics has developed proprietary devices and procedural methods that will allow for new and improved treatment of patients who suffer from serious neurological diseases. The company’s products are designed to work with imaging technologies, primarily MRI, allowing direct and remote MR-guided placement of therapeutic modalities into the brain. The IGN products will also allow MR-visualization of the therapy, including neurostimulation and other therapeutic interventions, cell transplantation and drug distribution.
The company was sold to Medtronic (NYSE: MDT) in 2005.

InSciTek Microsystems, Inc.
Fairport, New York
InSciTek believes small businesses should have access to the same advanced information and communication technologies as big enterprises. The Allworx 10x provides businesses with all the mission-critical communications support they need in a single system. It combines PBX and Key phone functionality with PC network services, secured Internet access, remote office, group collaboration tools and messaging software such as email, voicemail, unified messaging, follow-me calling, and group calendaring.

Intelli-Tec Security Services, LLC
Westbury, New York
Intelli-Tec designs and installs custom electronic and video security systems for residential and corporate customers. Intelli-Tec is known for its extraordinary customer service and its industry leading security designs.

Interface Security Systems, LLC
Earth City, Missouri
Interface Security Systems, L.L.C. is one of the country’s largest regional electronic security providers. In addition to offering traditional burglar and fire alarm products for commercial and residential accounts, the company is a leading systems integrator providing entry management, intrusion, video surveillance and fire protection systems for large-scale projects for large corporate and government customers. Beginning in 1996, Advantage Capital provided expansion capital to Interface to fund its internal account growth and to finance an acquisition and consolidation strategy. The investment was repaid in December 2001, when the company was acquired by affiliates of BancBoston Capital. Interface has continued to expand and is ranked among the industry’s top ten companies as measured by recurring monthly revenue., Inc.
Commack, New York provides managed network services to middle-market companies. The company offers clients an outsourced solution for web application development, maintenance, monitoring, and connectivity.

Ischemia Technologies
Denver, Colorado
Ischemia Technologies, Inc. develops, manufactures and markets new diagnostic tests for cardiovascular and acute care medicine. Ischemia’s flagship product has received FDA clearance and is the first newly approved blood test for evaluation of heart attacks since 1994.
Co-investors include Crawley Venture Group, KB Partners, Murphree Ventures, Quest Capital Partnership, Roser Venture Partners, Sequel Venture Partners, White Pines Ventures and Wolf Ventures.
Getzville, New York provides advertisers an unparalleled opportunity to leverage text-based, cost-per-click sponsored links to reach their customers on the web’s content destinations and search engines. Kanoodle’s products are distributed on networks of leading search and content providers, including,, USA, CNET’s, and the InfoSpace search properties.

Kionix, Inc.
Ithaca, New York
Kionix, Inc. is a global leader in the design and fabrication of high-performance, silicon-micromachined MEMS inertial sensors. Founded in 1993, Kionix is a privately-held corporation in Ithaca, New York, dedicated to bringing the latest in MicroElectroMechanical Systems (MEMS) technology to the global marketplace. The Company pioneered high aspect-ratio, silicon micromachining based on research originally conducted at Cornell University and enjoys a worldwide reputation for excellence in MEMS product design, process engineering, and manufacturing.

Koalaty Products, Inc.
Austin, Texas
Current Solutions, LLC was formed in July 2009 to acquire Koalaty Products, Inc., a provider of electrical stimulation products used for pain management, rehabilitation and physical therapy. In addition to the innovative TENS units, Koalaty also distributes electrodes, orthopedic pillows, braces, batteries and topical analgesics. Current Solutions relocated to Austin in 2009.

Kona Bay Marine Resources
Kailua-Kona, Hawaii
Kona Bay Marine Resources is a marine biotechnology company with advanced technology in the production of SPF (Specific Pathogen Free) shrimp broodstock and hard clam seed. Since 1996, Kona Bay has been a leader in using advanced technology to efficiently produce high quality SPF shrimp broodstock and bivalves. The location of Kona Bay at NELHA (Natural Energy Laboratory of Hawaii Authority), Keahole Point, Hawaii allows the Kona Bay’s systems to be supplied with pristine, disease free, deep ocean water from the Natural Energy Lab offshore pipelines. Hawaii is the most geographically remote location in the world and Kona Bay leverages these natural resources and the company’s proprietary technology to produce the highest quality products available.

Natural Cleaners Colorado LLC
Grand Junction & Steamboat, Colorado
Natural Cleaners Colorado is a dry cleaning business utilizing environmentally friendly cleaning processes. Natural Cleaners began operations in 2005 in Avon, Colo., and the company has since opened locations in Grand Junction and Steamboat. Natural Cleaners uses various pollution free dry and wet cleaning processes, including state-of-the-art CO2 and GreenEarth cleaning technologies to ensure high quality service at a competitive price.

NetRegulus Inc.
Denver, Colorado
NetRegulus provides web-based Enterprise Regulatory Management software that enables life science companies to effectively manage clinical study and quality data. These products help the companies meet ever increasing global regulatory requirements and improve operational efficiencies, launch products to market faster and identify potential product quality problems.

NextAction, Inc.
Wesminster, Colorado
NextAction, Inc. uses state-of the-art statistical modeling and database technology to provide lists of prospective customers to leading catalog, internet and multi-channel retailers.

Niagara Thermal Products
Niagara Falls, New York
Niagara Thermal Products specializes in high value-added heat transfer products and systems for aerospace, military, electronic, telecommunications, marine, industrial and vehicle applications. The company provides superior design services and broad and flexible manufacturing capability.

Nova Technology Corporation
Lafayette, Louisiana
Nova is a provider of products and services for downhole maintenance and production on deep oil and gas wells, allowing operators to reduce operating costs and enhance production. The company services some of the deepest exploration platforms in the Gulf of Mexico and the world.
The company was sold to Baker-Hughes (NYSE: BHI) in 2005.

Omni Energy Services, Corp.
Lafayette, Louisiana
OMNI Energy Services Corp. provides a broad range of integrated services to both geophysical and exploration and production companies engaged in the acquisition of on-shore 3-D seismic data, especially in logistically difficult and environmentally sensitive terrain. The company operates three business units: Seismic Drilling, Seismic Surveying, and Helicopter Support. The company went public in December 1997 (NASDAQ: OMNI).

Open Biosystems, Inc.
Huntsville, Alabama
Open Biosystems, Inc. develops, manufactures and markets genomic research tools to scientists and researchers in corporate, academic and government laboratories. These research tools provide investigators with standardized high-quality genes, RNAi and antibodies for interrogating gene function in relation to oncology, neuroscience and metabolic disorders.

Patriot Risk Management
Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
Patriot Risk Management (PRMI) is a workers’ compensation insurance services company that was founded in 2003. PRMI provides claims management, nurse case management, cost containment, subrogation recovery, fraud investigation and management services to insurance companies, reinsurers and segregated portfolio captives.

PECO Pallet, Inc.
Yonkers, New York
PECO provides logistics services and equipment to manufacturers who sell through grocery stores and club stores. They deliver a pallet solution to their customers who pay to get pallets of a certain quality and date at a specific location. PECO tracks the location of the pallet, recovers it and repairs it as needed to maintain their quality standards.

PowerOne Media, Inc.
Troy, New York
PowerOne Media is the leading provider of online solutions for newspapers, hosting the largest online newspaper network in the U.S. PowerOne Media enables newspapers to easily leverage and grow their overall business by providing vertical solutions, targeted advertising, classified hosting, content management systems and business success services. PowerOne Media serves over 1,600 newspapers, representing nearly 50% of the daily and weekly U.S. circulation.

Plano, Texas
Based in Plano, Texas, Quickoffice is a world leader in providing mobile office document software for smartphones. The company’s flagship product, Quickoffice Premier, continues to receive awards and recognition from industry analysts, the media and users. The software allows users to open, edit and send their original, native Microsoft files without the need for desktop conversion or synchronization. Fully localized in 36 languages, and shipping worldwide as a built-in solution on millions of smartphones, Quickoffice has been a top-selling mobile office application since its market introduction.

Quick Study Radiology
St. Louis, Missouri
QSR provides information technology management services for hospital radiology departments. In particular, the company provides implementation and support of an integrated digital radiology information system, including picture archive communication systems (PACs), radiology information systems (RIS), archiving, web distribution and interfaces. QSR’s client list includes community hospitals, imaging centers and physician groups in four states.

Radiation Therapies, LLC
Lake Charles, Louisiana
Radiation Therapies has developed a medical technique designed to reduce restenosis, a condition in which blood vessels constrict following balloon angioplasty. The procedure involves the administration of a very low level radioactive charge to the walls of an artery, via a source wire inserted through a catheter. The company holds exclusive patents to this technology, which has been endorsed by some of the world’s leading cardiologists.

Rapid Response Monitoring Services, Inc.
Syracuse, New York
Rapid Response Monitoring Services is a nationwide leader in providing wholesale security alarm monitoring services. They contract with local security alarm installers to provide them with monitoring services for their residential and corporate customers.

Roving Planet
Boulder, Colorado
Roving Planet, which originated as a University of Colorado business school project and grew out of the Colorado Technology Incubator, produces software that controls Wireless Local Area Networks (WLANs). The software also enables the integration of wireless networks with wired networks.

Centennial, CO
RuMe is a branded consumer products company that designs and distributes innovative, stylish and multi-functional and durable products for the eco-friendly consumer

Safety Tubs
Grand Prairie, Texas
Safety Tubs® is the inventor and manufacturer of acrylic walk-in bathtubs. The company’s revolutionary walk-in tubs are the premier bathtub for a safer, healthier and more comfortable bathing experience. Safety Tubs walk-in bathtubs are great for active seniors, elderly, disabled, limited mobility or anyone looking for a safer and more comfortable bathing experience.

Savvis Inc.
Town and Country, Missouri
Savvis (NASDAQ: SVVS) is a global IT utility provider that delivers secure, reliable, and scalable hosting, network, and application services. Savvis’ award-winning Intelligent IP NetworkSM spans 110 cities in 45 countries. Advantage Capital made its first investment in Savvis in 1997. The company was acquired by Bridge Information Systems in 1999, and was subsequently spun off by Bridge in an initial public offering in 2000. Currently, the company has annualized run-rate revenues in excess of $400 million, and serves over 3500 customers around the globe.

Scarsdale Security Systems
Scarsdale, New York
Scarsdale Security is focused on providing electric security and paging communication services to commercial customers located across the United States and to residential customers in the Northeast. Scarsdale owns and operates a central-station monitoring center that receives electronic signals from security and fire panels located on the premises of its customers. Upon receipt of such signals, Scarsdale takes action, calling the owner or dispatching the appropriate authorities to the protected site. The monitoring center is also equipped to transmit alpha-numeric paging messages to its customers over existing paging networks.

Austin, Texas
SensorTran is an ISO 9001 certified, global supplier of fiber optic-based distributed monitoring solutions. Customers benefiting from SensorTran’s distributed temperature sensing (DTS) technology include many of the world’s largest energy providers. DTS systems, which can be customized for any language, have applications in downhole oil and gas, transmission and distribution power cable monitoring, pipeline flow assurance and leak detection, and environmental monitoring.

Silicon Logic Engineering, Inc.
Eau Claire, Wisconsin
Silicon Logic Engineering, Inc. is a semiconductor design services company that provides Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC), System on Chip (SOC), and system technology services to the world’s leading electronic systems and fabless semiconductor companies.
The co-investor is Stonehenge Capital.

St. Louis, Missouri
Stereotaxis is a medical device company engaged in the field of image guided interventional surgery. The company’s proprietary technology, the Magnetic Surgery System, is composed of a surgical workstation that uses superconducting magnets and digital computer imaging to guide surgical instruments to precise targets in the body. This technology will allow practitioners to exercise digital control of imaging, device movement and positioning using minimally invasive medical techniques. The company had its Initial Public Offering in August 2004 and trades on NASDAQ (STXS).

Vestal, New York
Threadsmith offers a revolutionary technology for the custom embroidered products industry. Launched around the core technology assets of Soft Sight Inc., Threadsmith uses a digitization technology that completely automates the process and eliminates the need for manually entering design specifications into an industrial sewing machine. Threadsmith customers can create and order a variety of embroidered products froms its web site in real-time using their own logos and artwork.

Madison, Wisconsin
TomoTherapy has developed, manufactures and sells the Hi-Art® system, one of the most advanced and versatile radiation therapy systems commercially available for the treatment of a wide variety of cancers. TomoTherapy markets the Hi-Art® system to university research centers, hospitals, private and governmental institutions and cancer treatment centers in North America, Europe and Asia. The company had its Initial Public Offering in May 2007 and trades on NASDAQ (TOMO).

Transaction Transport Technologies, LLC
St. Louis, Missouri
Transaction Transport Technologies, LLC (T3) provides a suite of Transaction over Internet Protocol – ToIP – solutions that deliver fast and secure transport of payment and other financial data over the public Internet. With T3, merchants of all sizes, all types and from all vertical markets can leverage existing or planned broadband connectivity to include payment routing from the point-of-sale (POS) to the designated payment processor.

Wireless One, Inc.
Jackson, Mississippi
Wireless One, Inc. (“Wireless One”) developed and operated wireless cable, television video systems for 34 rural southeast markets. In 1995, Wireless One merged with Heartland Cable TV and completed an initial public offering (NASDAQ: WIRL). The company also raised in excess of $350 million through public offerings of debt securities. Wireless One subsequently merged with True Vision in 1996 and was ultimately acquired in 1999 by MCI WorldCom.

St. Louis, Missouri
XIOLINK is a provider of managed infrastructure, managed hosting, collocation and private cloud computing solutions to mid-market and enterprise clients worldwide. XIOLINK owns and operates multiple premium environmentally controlled data centers designed to provide customers with maximum reliability and performance. Committed to maintaining uninterrupted connection between its clients and their data, the company helps improve security and reliability, control costs and increase agility.