Stirling Ultracold Illustrates the Power of Ohio's Rural Business Growth Program

Stirling Ultracold | Athens, Ohio
When Stirling Ultracold first publicly announced its role in the global COVID-19 vaccine storage and distribution efforts, it was the only company capable of producing freezers that could house both Pfizer and Moderna vaccines.

Since then, it’s been at the forefront of a global priority, culminating with its merger, just last year, with publicly traded company, BioLife Solutions.

Five years ago, however, things looked slightly different at Stirling Ultracold (then Global Cooling). Advantage Capital’s first investment in 2016 helped expand manufacturing capacity for its unique Stirling engine, an efficient alternative for compressor-based engines found in standard ultra-low temperature freezers. In late 2018, Advantage Capital supported another capital raise with a $4 million investment in connection with the Ohio Rural Business Growth program.

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The goal behind the Ohio Rural Business Growth program is to provide businesses like Stirling Ultracold better access to the capital they need to expand and grow good quality jobs for Ohioans. As one of the largest employers in the area, it continues to expand and bring lasting economic opportunity to the entire region and further build the local community.

The recent BioLife merger represents a major opportunity for Stirling Ultracold—bringing immediate benefits to its team with the expanded breath and scale of technologies BioLife Solutions offers. With BioLife’s commitment to keep Stirling Ultracold and its more than 200 jobs in Ohio, the merger also brings further economic opportunity.

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