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We invest with intention in job-generating small businesses – along with affordable housing developments and renewable energy solutions – to grow economies and communities.
Our Annual Impact Report is now available.
Advantage Capital stands at the forefront of the impact investing industry ... at an important and pivotal time when the appetite to pursue and participate in a double-bottom line investment strategy is growing. We lift people up, grow local economies, and revitalize those communities in need with measurable results and positive returns.

Read the full report for details on how we’re building lasting impact.
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We advocate for and ensure meticulous measurement of outcomes within impact investing. We have a function dedicated to tracking and reporting the tangible results of our work.

Our latest survey of more than 150 of our active portfolio companies uncovered:

of employees receive health benefits.
of employees have access to wealth creation programs like a 401(k).
of companies offer jobs accessible to those without a college degree.
of employees have access to training.
of companies report that wages allowed new employees to replace one or more public assistance programs.

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