We're working together to close the racial wealth gap.

Announcing Empower the Change: a $200M fund dedicated to investing in and supporting minority-owned business enterprises (MBEs).

The mission of the fund is to close the racial wealth gap by investing in entrepreneurs of color that are building the products and services of the future.

MBEs lack the necessary resources to scale successful businesses.

Minority Business Enterprises (MBEs) often lack the personal and family wealth to start a business. The typical white family has about 8 times the wealth of the typical Black family and about 5 times the wealth of the typical Hispanic/Latinx family.

Our solution: An MBE-focused investment fund designed specifically to address these problems.
Our fund aims to:
Provide focused, flexible capital, both debt and equity.
Drive revenue growth to scale MBEs.
Create high-quality jobs and community wealth.
Deliver double-bottom-line results.
While this fund is new, our commitment and history of supporting minority owned businesses is not.
invested in minority-owned businesses
MBEs supported
in third party follow-on capital attracted
Advantage Capital Portfolio Highlight
All-In Recruiting
Las Vegas, Nevada
Lauren Anderson of All-In Recruiting runs a small business with a big vision. All-In is a boutique talent agency that is seeking to help minorities and woman enter the tech industry. The company goes far beyond just placing diverse individuals in positions with top tech companies. Each week, All-In's office doubles as a shared workspace, giving anyone interested in tech careers a place to work on career growth and development.
Advantage Capital Portfolio Highlight
Trucking Innovation
Chalmette, Louisiana
Trucking Innovation is a Black-owned trucking and hauling, logistics and project management company. Founder Otis Tucker, Jr. started the company as a one-man, one-truck operation in 2013 and is now a local leader in trucking and hauling, with a fleet of 13 trucks and 17 employees. In 2021, Advantage Capital's financing provided the company with the additional working capital necessary to purchase new trucks, expand its operations and create as many as 20 full-time jobs.
Our Team
Sandra M. Moore
Chief Impact Officer, Advantage Capital
Sandra M. Moore is a managing director and the chief impact officer at Advantage Capital, where she focuses on supporting the growth, development and empowerment of people and the communities where they live. Prior to joining Advantage Capital, Sandra was the president of Urban Strategies, a national nonprofit corporation that works exclusively with for-profit housing developers to rebuild distressed urban core communities.
Scott Murphy
Chief Investment Officer, Advantage Capital
Scott Murphy is a managing director and the chief investment officer at Advantage Capital, where he oversees the firm's entire portfolio. Scott is an experienced venture capitalist and highly successful entrepreneur with a robust background in public service.
Brian Anderson
Principal, Advantage Capital
As a principal at Advantage Capital, Brian Anderson is responsible for sourcing, due diligence and valuation analysis of current and prospective investments. Prior to joining Advantage Capital, Brian co-owned and served as lead operator of a south Texas-based trucking company.
Sahra S. Halpern
President, NMSDC Business Consortium Fund
Sahra S. Halpern has created innovative, mission-driven lending programs throughout her career in community development finance. As president of BCF, she is responsible for driving the fund toward greater impact by ecpansing capital reach to business owners of color.
Josh Rogers
Senior Vice President, Advantage Capital
Josh Rogers is a senior vice president at Advantage Capital, where he is responsible for helping to source investment, perform due diligence, structure transactions and manage portfolio companies. Prior to joining Advantage Capital, Josh was an equity research associate covering mid- and large-cap U.S. banks at ISI Group, now Evercore Partners.

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